Artist/Producer Brunztunz Releases New Single On Spotify

Brunztunz is a music producer who has been making a lot of waves in the music industry lately. Still a relatively fresh entrant, he is telling stories through unique sounds and fresh beats.

He just released his brand new single called Intense City on Spotify. It is available to stream right now and has already garnered a significant number of streams.

We got Brunztunz to give us some moments out of his precious time to get to know him, talking about his music, his aspirations with his music, and what the future holds for him.

About Brunztunz:

Aidan Brunztunz or Brunztunz which is his stage name is an up-and-coming artist/producer ready to take the music scene by storm. With an experimental and unique sound, Brunztunz is an artist that keeps giving. His energetic and enthusiastic music leaves a sway in your blood.

Aidan has been composing, producing and working on his music since a really young age. He stumbled upon his talent when he was in grade school and spent a significant amount of time brushing up his skills and learning the tricks of the industry.

He makes honest music inspired from his life events. He is an open book who enjoys talking to people about himself and his music. He is honest to his craft and to himself, one of the reasons why he is a class apart.

He is inspired by life and love. He loves to love and be loved, and spends his time watching and listening to people who love what they do.

Brunztunz started on his journey back in school. He is a completely self-taught music producer. He spent his time freestyling and writing. He recently released his song Intense City on Spotify, which has already been performing extremely well with the audience.

Where Can I Find Brunztunz?

You can stream all the music that Brunztunz has made till date and will release in future on music streaming platforms such as Spotify. Follow him there to add all his music to your playlists!

Brunztunz is also active and available on social media platforms such as Instagram. Add him there to keep up with his life, learn more about him as a person, as an artist, and watch what goes on behind the scenes of the music industry. You will also find information relation to music releases, shows, and collaborations of the artist through his social media links provided above.

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