Electronic Music Artist Erez Yaary Launches His Latest Album, Memoria Technica

Electronic Music Artist Erez Yaary Launches His Latest Album, Memoria Technica

The electronic music genre roots way back to the late 19th and early 20th century. It originated in Europe and the United States of America. Since then, electronic music has spread all across the world, with prominent artists rising up the ranks. This genre of music is relevant to date and loved by many. There are several established as well as budding artists who are creating great electronic music. One such name is Erez Yaary. He has recently launched his latest album named Memoria Technica.  

About Erez Yaary

Erez Yaary is an electronic music artist. His creations are deeply rooted in the classical Berlin Style of electronic music of the 70’ and 80’ with modern rhythmic and orchestral elements. With this, Erez presents a fresh perspective on classical multi-sequencer-heavy compositions coupled with strong rhythm parts, modern harmonic orchestrations and minimalistic melodic lines.

Erez started his journey in music at the tender age of 9. Right from his childhood, he had the knack of collecting vinyl albums. Initially, he started off by following the works of famous artists like Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis. By the age of 16, Erez started composing his own music. Not long after, he had four original self-composed analogue cassette tapes to his name. It would be fair to say that Erez has made a gradual progression in his music career. Today, he has emerged as one of the most promising artists in the electronic music genre. 

Memoria Technica – Erez Yaary’s latest album

Erez Yaary has recently launched his latest album by the name Memoria Technica. The album consists of nine songs namely Singularity, Posthuman, Dystopia, Homeostasis, Algo Rythmus, Collective, Carbon Black, Mnemonic Encoder, and the title track Memoria Technica

Commenting about the theme of his latest album, Erez said, I have always been fascinated with what the future might have for humanity, and have been leaning more towards a dark dystopia where depleted natural resources, Uber-Intelligent machines and cyber-modifications will be ever so present. One could connect with movies such as Bladerunner (original and 2049), THX 1138, The Matrix, Oblivion and TV series such as Altered Carbon to get a grim visual of a potential world where human society is dysfunctional to the point where every human is basically alone.

Memoria Technica is my attempt at creating a soundtrack for those visuals, one that could grab the listener and transform him to such a world, infuse a feeling of loneliness and unsettling emotion that nothing is certain anymore and that he is all alone.


Erez Yaary has already established a strong foothold as an electronic music artist. His creations to date have received wide appreciation from all sections of the audience. The latest album, Memoria Technica also promises to perform well and connect meaningfully with the listeners. 

Memoria Technica is now streaming on Spotify and other streaming platforms. 

Name: Erez Yaary

Album Name: Memoria Technica

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/ErezYaaryMusic

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