Houston-based Musician, Denny Jones Is Winning Hearts With His Unique Style of Historical Music

Houston-based Musician, Denny Jones Is Winning Hearts With His Unique Style of Historical Music

With an amalgamation of the past and present, Houston musician Denny Jones Has carved out a unique niche of historical music; Gradually making his mark with huge appreciation and acceptance from the audiences. 

With the music industry evolving by the day, audiences’ consumption patterns are also becoming extremely dynamic. Unlike decades ago, today music listeners have divided themselves into several segments, each with a different set of preferences and demands. Hence, it has become extremely crucial for artists to remain versatile, while also carving out a specific niche with utmost expertise. Speaking about unique audience demands, a section of them is very inclined towards music that has a tinge of historical vibe. And, Houston-based musician Denny Jones is serving that segment with sheer elegance. 

About Denny Jones

Denny Jones is a Houston-based musician who has been composing professional music over the last three years. Though still in a budding phase, Denny has already received wide-scale appreciation for his unique music and is gradually making his presence felt. His previous releases, namely, October and After Hourz has performed exceedingly well, thus granting him a lot of credibility in the mainstream music industry. His latest composition, which he released last year, named ‘Flowers’ has not only maintained that trend but has taken it one step further, making Denny Jones a well-known name in his own genre. 

When asked about his inspiration to create music, Denny commented, ‘I started playing the guitar in the church long back, and gradually learned to make beats on fruity loops from an older cousin. Since then, there has been no looking back. I have found my inspiration over the years, which revolves around classic oldies, vintage wear, and antiques. I form my music based on these inspirations. Also, there is something about the past and history that intrigues me. Hence, all my compositions have that historical vibe attached to them.’ 

A Unique Style of Music 

Denny has carved out a unique niche for his music, wherein, he moulds instances form the past and the present, to create something which resonates with the concept of love and passion. Backed by soulful wordplay and smooth alluring instrumentals, all his compositions emanate a sense of calmness and peace. Interestingly, Denny draws influences from Sade and Erykah Badu and composes songs that form the perfect playlist for a rainy day or desolate night. 

The fact that his music is extremely authentic, relatable and stems from vintage influences is arguably the reason why his compositions have struck the right chord with the audiences. 

Name: Denny Jones

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0CdgvplJnPjgakdLCxgDgN?highlight=spotify:track:4FAHygh3xb01WvNmQbo8Ru

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