Rap Musician V aka Big M Takes the Rap Community by Storm with his latest release Inferno

Rap Musician V aka Big M Takes the Rap Community by Storm with his latest release Inferno

The concept of rap music – incorporation of rhyme, rhythmic speech and the street vernacular is a music genre that is arguably the most loved one. While quality rap compositions are rare, this genre has produced legends. Several budding musicians are coming up and creating fantastic rap music. One of them is the V alias Big M who represents XLM Plus and V of 40M. He has recently released his latest work ‘Inferno’, and it is already taking the music community by storm. 

About V of 40M

V alias Big M is a rap music composer born in Philadelphia, USA. He represents XLM plus. Big M embodies the belly of Black America while proudly representing the 40M camp. All his creations are armed with vibrant punchlines, and clearly represents the black power. 

He made his debut with the song No Church On Sunday in August this year, and since then it has been winning hearts all over. It has also been featured on several prominent platforms including Last Day Deaf, InSpot, NeonMusic, the Hollywood6, JussRuss, etc. No Church on Sunday has already crossed 200K streams and is still counting. 

On being asked about his journey in the world of music, V commented, ‘This journey began before it was even a physical possibility for real but in terms of memory I would say when I was a young bull. “PopPop and Grandma” use to play those old recordings of Mumia Abu Jamal, it did something to me. With time, I have evolved so has my understanding of things. There’s so much that needs to be said to my people and music is one of the only universal languages that transcends time and space. I want to keep doing what must be done and that is what motivates me – a purpose greater than myself.’

Inferno – The latest release

V’s latest release Inferno is now up and running on Soundcloud and is expected to fare even better than all his previous releases. With relatable lyrics and a vibrant rhythm, the composition truly reflects the essence of rap culture, which is probably the major reason behind its buzz. After the massive success of ‘No Church on Sunday’, ‘Inferno’  is also expected to make a mark on the charts. 

With such a solid start to his career, V is well on track to take the rap community by storm, and carve out space for himself in this genre which has produced legends in the past.

Name: V

Song Name: Inferno

Streaming Link: https://soundcloud.com/xlmplus/v-inferno

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