Singer Thomas Hine Releases New Single on Spotify

Singer Thomas Hine Releases New Single on Spotify

Singer and producer Thomas Hine has just debuted his newest track called Cemented. The track has been released for some time now and upon release, it hit the ground running.

It is a highly anticipated release from the artist, causing this single track released to offer a peek inside the style we can expect from the album, to rack up thousands of streams within the first few days.

About Thomas Hine:

Thomas Hine is a folk/roots musician from Colorado and currently lives in Golden. He has released four albums since 2011, and has performed extensively around his home state, as well as traveling to Europe ro perform at festivals and on radio in Germany and the Netherlands. The Boulder Daily Camera has described him as a “poet with a guitar”. Thomas Hine takes a slice of blues and adds a dash of folk to make a true Americana pie. 

Hine combines introspective lyrics and ear-friendly musical composition for a unique, heartfelt convert. He has got a Bob Dylan mind and an Andrew Bird ear; it’s a winning combination. HIs new album, Ledgers and Stones, has been very well received, reaching #9 on the Euro Americana Chart and #38 on the Folk Alliance International Chart. The album has been broadcast on dozens of radio programs, with recent multi-week airplay on BBC Radio Scotland and Kansas Public Radio.

As a child, Thomas had always felt drawn to music. But the ambition took over in his teenage years. He spent that time voraciously penning his thoughts down in front of lyrics, ballads, sonnets, and poems through his high school years. 

When we asked him what inspires him to be in the music industry and do what he does, he said that he is inspired to make music by watching the people who aren’t afraid of stepping outside the box to represent themselves as they are through music. He is inspired by listening and watching unique artists who make their unique beats and release songs with a signature style apart from all other styles, inspiring him to write and make more music. .

He has many more future projects in the works or prepped to be released as a follow up to his debut album. Listeners will be able to stream his current track “Cemented” on Spotify, where they can also listen to the rest of his album. Hine also releases music on SoundCloud.

 Hine has caused a lot of stir in the music community with his entry, and Thomas Hine is a name we expect to see a lot more in the coming years. Hine has a Facebook page where fans can find him.

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