Underground rapper-maker Vinay Kumar Nevatia delivers third melody ‘207’ of much anticipated

Kadipaar collection MUMBAI Vinay Kumar debuts his collection, ‘Kadipaar’ with his third delivery 207.

Through the melody Vinay , voices his feelings on segment 207 of the Indian Penal Code. The segment manages instances of half homicide. He explains his encounters of managing the framework and the supposed treatment of blamed people in prison. He additionally plunges into how he feels there is an absence of security given to people who act in self-preservation and not with the purpose of damage. The Music Video drop on eighteenth November,2020.

Vinay Kumar Nevatia

Its story line proceeds from the music video of the past two melodies Ek Din Pyaar and Hosh Mai Aa. The video catches the craftsman as a prisoner/blamed individual in an Indian prison and has solid pictures of examples that he encounters there. Kadipaar is the demonstration of being condemned to live external the constraints of one’s city. Typically executed by the police when there is a lot of warmth on a person in that specific region of habitation. Through his six melodies and two instrumentals, the collection portrays the existence turning experience of ‘Kadipaar’ from Pune to Mumbai. It depicts his battles and rewards as he decided to come Mumbai. The collection likewise portrays his adaptability in all parts of music from verse writing to beat creation and conveyance. Vinay Kumar Nevatia otherwise known as VKN is a pioneer as much as result of Pune hip hop.

hip hop

He developed around the neighborhood of Tadiwala Road. Vinay Kumar was acquainted with hip bounce when he was twelve years youthful by his senior sibling, which caused him to compose his first melody ‘Bhalti Public’ in Grade7.

His youth spun around Kawali music which is being played at his home. Afterward, he drew motivation from Lil Wayne, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, The Black Eyed Peas, and Tupac, with Rakim having the most impact on him. He heightened to B-boying and Beat boxing before at last hoisting to Rapping-the third component of hiphop, that he is prominently notable for now.

He rose to an online popularity with his hits, ‘Wata’ and ‘Khuja Mat’, and never thought back again, picking up practically 675,000+ endorsers with 65 million perspectives over the previous eighteen months.

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